We often seek therapy in times of loneliness, desperation, hopelessness and misery. Therapy can answer our call by providing hope...hope for the possibility of light in a world that appears pretty dark. I am trained to work with you and help you defeat obstacles in your quest to live well. For myself, nothing is more satisfying than working with someone who is ready to work.

We have been thrown into our lives, for better or worse. No one asked for it, but our habits travel with us. Our past plays a role in who we are but it need not determine who we become. Therapy is a chance to have greater influence on your future.

I did my undergraduate work in psychological science at UC Berkeley and stayed in Berkeley for my Doctorate in Psychology at the Wright Institute. There, I was trained in psychoanalytic theory and practice. The training was excellent and that is one of the places where I derived a lot of my strength as a therapist.


Longing for Mania

Currently, medication is the go-to treatment for bipolar depression, a practice that is not without controversy. As a psychologist, I was trained to focus foremost on the patient's vast experiences that influence their way of being in the world. Only after kicking and screaming have ..... Read More

Psychoanalysis Today

Therapy in Context: "Being in the World"
I wouldn't be the first to say that the field psychoanalysis has got a bad rap. In fact, many psychoanalytically oriented practitioners may evade the very word simply to soften an off-putting impression. Euphemisms can include "psychodynamic psychotherapy", "insight..... Read More

Obama as Wounded Healer

Validating the context of racial trauma
On July 19th, Barack Obama honored the life of Trayvon Martin by giving voice to the history of racial trauma in the African American community. "It could have been me," Obama states in reference to Trayvon. The remark reminds me of the old proverb, "There but for the grace ..... Read More