Dr. Brian King

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Dr. King has extensive experience working with a diverse array of clients with 13 years of clinical experience. While holding the idea that relationships, and relating to oneself and others, are primary factors in healthy psychological functioning, Dr. King practices from an object relations perspective. This theoretical orientation, within the realm of psychodynamic thinking, focuses on how we relate to ourselves and others as well as understanding and modifying problematic personality dynamics. The therapeutic process attempts to identify distortions and how one relates to and perceives themselves and how one perceives others, while at the same time shoring up strengths and accurate mental representations. Often distortions and pathologies in our perceptual experiences of ourselves and others can lead to psychiatric symptoms, diminished meaningfulness in relationships and generalized difficulties in life.

Dr. King values highly honest self-reflection as a way to understand oneself in an accurate manner which allows subsequently to understand and relate to other people in a healthier, deeper and more rewarding manner. There are often unconscious forces at play which affect the method and manner in which we understand ourselves and others. Dr. King brings a sense of creativity to the therapeutic process and attempts to focus on each client's uniqueness as much as possible. Dr. King notes "essentially what we are trying to do is to see our blind spots, explore ourselves honestly, learn to not be afraid of problematic parts of ourselves as we all have them. We want to grow as people, become stronger, more free from unconscious psychological shackles which limit us and lead to suffering. The general concept of acceptance is critical to this. My role is to help patients see contradictions and distortions in how they perceive things, while always leaving room for disagreement and open dialogue. The strength of the bond between client and therapist is also central in the ability for the client to be safe enough to open up in discussing aspects of themselves. We strive for openness, creativity and flexibility. It is impossible to resolve issues of which you are in denial and those that you do not understand. These issues often the ones cause suffering and symptoms."

Dr. King's research interests in the past have included personality disorders and materialism culture. He has B.A. in international relations and diplomacy obtained in Spain. He has a doctoral degree in clinical psychology from the CSPP in San Francisco.

Dr. King is a fluent Spanish speaking provider and has a lot of experience working with Spanish-speaking populations.

Dr. King also has a lot of experience doing psychological evaluation and is currently certified as a qualified medical evaluator. Dr. King is available for expert witness testimony cases and medical legal reports. Please contact him directly for more information on psychological evaluation and assessment services.